Your Business Advisory Services are ready to be activated!

We have made it very simple, easy and affordable for you.

We understand that Accountants don’t have much time, yet many of you want to explore Business Advisory as a profitable, future-proof strategy!

My Business Manager helps Accountants to:

        • Differentiate your Services
        • Improve Client Loyalty
        • Increase Profits


        • Reducing Time to Prepare
        • Reducing the costs
        • Reducing the Resources required to provide these services.


Click here for a 14-day free trial to see how your firm could be providing these services within hours!

As a low cost monthly subscription, the margins are extremely good while you are truly “adding value” to your Clients.

By providing them with proven plans, measured progress and accountability each month or quarter, you are ensuring their success.

After all, that is what “Business Advisory” is all about!

My Business Manager provides :

        • User-definable Dashboards
        • Management Reporting Packs
        • P&L and Balance Sheet Budgeting & Forecasting
        • Consolidations of multiple entities
        • Cashflow / Funds Flow statements
        • Financial KPIs
        • Business Plan templates
        • And more ….

Our key value is “Ease of Use” and a minimal learning curve. In fact, your firm can be productive within 15 minutes for each Client. MBM integrates to leading accounting systems such as Quickbooks Online, and Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, MYOB desktop and MYOB Account Right (others planned). The data is pre-mapped, based upon codes available from each accounting system and ready for detailed analysis immediately. No more trolling through Excel spreadsheets or tax-oriented reports. Business Snapshots are available with one click and in less than one minute, with little or no effort on the accountant’s part.

For Accountants and Advisors :

        • MBM / Business Advisory Services can be added to the practice with minimum effort and with no disruption to existing services
        • MBM provides a path away from reliance on commodity tax work
        • Easy process, able to be delegated with confidence
        • Provides low cost, regular communication with clients
        • Leads to high-fee services that clients will willingly pay monthly fees for;
        • Dashboards and reports to help them manage their own businesses
        • Explaining MBM reports, what they mean and what they need to watch
        • Providing regular oversight with an Executive Overview service
        • Providing a management review service with recommendations to address issues
        • Providing business consolidations to show how combined entities are performing
        • Hosting regular board meetings to review results and address highlighted issues
        • Helping with preparation of budgets based on past performance or future targets
        • Helping to create a Business Plan which can be understood by all stake-holders
        • Implementing a 12- 24 month business improvement process with monthly / quarterly reviews
        • Providing regular business mentoring on key issues

My Business Manager is suitable for “Clients that need more” :

        • Start-ups – great foundation; business plan, budgets, cashflow, process
        • Fast growing – fast, accurate feedback, critical items monitored, real-time.
        • Mature – highlight areas for improvement, increase profitability
        • Sale or transition – management process, clear documented results

With My Business Manager, Accountants can provide a Business Snapshot, with your own logo and contact details, to every business client with virtually no effort (after setup) for $10 per month or less. There is no cheaper way of providing business management reporting packs and communicating regularly with your Clients.

Once the Client starts receiving this service, it will lead to ongoing business improvement, high-fee work, guaranteed.


My Business Manager is an easy to use, management reporting and financial analysis tool which helps you to assess performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities within your business. Using Key Performance Indicators you can easily measure and track the financial KPIs which matter most to your business success.


Our Software directly auto-maps the data from major Accounting Solutions. One minute, one button, to produce tailored Dashboards and Management Reporting packs that help you to manage your business performance.




Cashflow Forecasts


Results compared to Budge


Trend Analysis


Financial KPI’s




Traffic Light Reports


And much more!


Revenue Model

“Our Revenue Model shows the potential increase in Revenue based upon the number of Clients introduced to Business Improvement / Business Advisory Services and the fee charged.

In our experience, once Clients are engaged in “knowing their numbers” and understand those numbers, and setting targets for those numbers, the opportunity for Consulting and monthly reporting services are significant.

This is what a percentage of your Clients want and are willing to pay for.

At this low unit cost, why not provide a “free” service to every Client that you consider a prospect (Your “A” Clients) and then follow them up to enrol them in your Monthly / Quarterly Service. No selling! Just offering a new, value-add service.

This is a FREE Excel worksheet. Please and we will email it to you.”