About Our Software


With My Business Manager, you can produce Dashboards and Management Reports showing comparisons, trends, cashflow, and other functions in minutes, providing vital insights you can address immediately.


Extensive dashboard and reporting capabilities make monitoring performance easier.

The Business Snapshot is made up of a Title page, an Executive Summary (choose your own KPIs), User-selected graphical images (Dashboards) and User-selected graphical reports.

You can create as many Business Snapshots as you need.

  • Create a schedule and have them emailed automatically at set dates and times.
  • Generate a Business Snapshot tailored to each Manager or each function
  • Change the title page options to include Logos and Contact details
  • Change the Executive Summary options to suit you
  • Generate Snapshots automatically and direct them straight to your Inbox


My Business Manager provides an extensive range of pre-formatted Management Reports for you to choose from. Once you have decided on your permanent selection, you can save a Management Report Pack and have it delivered directly to your Inbox.

  • Graphical Profit and Loss reports like you have never seen
  • See your Balance Sheet in a new way
  • Cashflow showing you where the cash is used within the business
  • The most popular KPIs showing your business financial performance
  • A selection of reports showing Jobs and Classes
  • User-defined Departmental reporting. Excellent for hospitality
  • Standard sets of System (all Clients) or Client-specific reports
  • Various options to customize your reporting


Dashboards are totally User-definable, and you can have as many as your business needs. Choose as many pages as you need, and choose from our extensive image library. Use our suggested Defaults or build your own to your specific needs.

Consider building separate Dashboards for the Owner, for Sales, for Finance and maybe even for the bank manager? You can include both financial and non-financial (performance) data. This is a powerful management tool.

Select the strategic and management data that will help you to make sure that the business is “on track”, meeting its objectives and achieving the results you want.


The MBM Budget Builder provides an easy way to review or to build a budget. Once complete, you have a budget that produces the results that you want and a roadmap on how to achieve it.


  • Business Health Check
  • Business Plan and Operations Templates
  • White Papers on Accounts Receivables, Payables and Inventory.
  • KPI Libraries by Industry and by Operations.
  • Consolidations
  • More exciting tools planned and in development. Make your suggestions.