Author - Ian McManus

My Business Manager Software: Is stress killing your business?

I got a phone call last week from a friend I hadn't seen for a while. "Can you meet me for coffee today?" As I walked into the coffee shop, I could see she was not her usual bubbly self. "I got asked by a customer today - a good customer - if I was stressed out!" she blurted. " I've been asked the...

My Business Manager: One step at a time!

Almost every day, while I am driving to clients or to meetings, I see a man walking along a footpath.This man has obviously suffered a stroke, a very bad stroke. He drags one foot; his arm is bent; he takes very small steps. It's obvious that he's doing it tough. Yet I see him every day, walking a very...

My Business Manager offers Instant Insight for Business Growth

Business growth is an essential consideration for any business. After all, if something is not growing, it is dying. There are only 4 major ways of growing a business. My Business Manager provides the regular Business Snapshots and management reports you need to decide the appropriate strategy, and measure the results of your activity. (more…)