Author - asad shaikh

Understanding Finances from Business Performance Indicators

Our first step in developing My Business Manager was to plan what we thought were the critical management reports that business owners need; Profit and Loss These are the trading reports that tell you if you made a profit or a loss in any period. Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly or Yearly. We recommend Monthly but recognize that if you aren't already getting [...]

My Business Manager: The Cold Hard Reality

Every day I meet people whose small businesses are struggling; either the business is stalled or heading towards closure. I see the same facial expressions frustration, fear and inner turmoil. And I hear the same words - I don't know what to do! They're like rabbits in the headlights, frozen with indecision. Do I jump off this road, or do [...]

My Business Manager Tips: Say Goodbye Nicely

I'll bet one of the reasons you left that regular pay cheque to set up your own business was because you couldn't stand working one more day with "those d..heads in the office". So how's it going? Found yourself with customers frustratingly the same? You know, just as some people are too hard to work with, some people are [...]

Cash Flow in Business: Show Me the Money!

Every day, I hear small business owners excitedly talking about the salesthey've made. I too feel excited for them because sales are a critical component of being successful.But I also can't help thinking "but have you been paid yet?" I hate to break it to you but a sale is not a sale unless you've been paid. (more…)

Business Work Flow: I hate selling!

How often do you hear that, particularly from those whose livelihoods and success depend on their ability to sell? Is selling a chore for you, or is it an absolute joy to be spruiking your products or services? If it's a joy, you should do well; your enthusiasm infectious. If it's a chore, trust me, your potential customers will [...]

My Business Manager Software: Is stress killing your business?

I got a phone call last week from a friend I hadn't seen for a while. "Can you meet me for coffee today?" As I walked into the coffee shop, I could see she was not her usual bubbly self. "I got asked by a customer today - a good customer - if I was stressed out!" she blurted. " I've been asked the [...]

My Business Manager: One step at a time!

Almost every day, while I am driving to clients or to meetings, I see a man walking along a footpath.This man has obviously suffered a stroke, a very bad stroke. He drags one foot; his arm is bent; he takes very small steps. It's obvious that he's doing it tough. Yet I see him every day, walking a very [...]