Business Manager eze

What is Business
Manager eze?

Business Manager eze is a business reporting, monitoring and management solution that syncs with a range of popular accounting systems.

It provides an easy way for Accountants, Business Consultants and advanced Bookkeepers to provide automated periodic reporting, with your commentary added. The  reports contain your logo and contact details and are sent to your Clients’ ezecomply portal (see “Portals”) for easy access and retrieval.

This is the beginning of true Business Advisory Services using the Business Manager eze Dashboards and Reports as a foundation for your additional services.

By solving issues as they arise and focusing on the actions each month, every business can be more successful!

Significant Benefits!


Increased Business Advisory Services

Increased value to Client

Increase in Client Retention

Increase in higher-value Clients

Why Us?

Ian McManus has had a unique career in both Corporate, in Small to Medium business and as a software developer and so has seen it from all sides.

It was after selling his international software group that he became aware of the lack of help for SMEs and so he started developing Business Manager eze.

His tenure as Managing Director for CCH Business (part of the CCH / Wolters Kluwer Global Group) confirmed that a business management solution was definitely needed.

A survey of 500 companies ranging from $500K to $10 million p.a. showed that 78% of all businesses thought that “Cashflow” and “Business Management” was their #1 issue and 46% said that they would be prepared to spend $5,000+ p.a. ($99 per week) to have this managed for them.

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