My Business Manager Enables and Accelerates Marketing for Accountants

My Business Manager Enables and Accelerates Marketing for Accountants

Most Accountants tell us, “I want more high-fee paying Clients and fewer low-fee tax preparation and compliance ones.” But their marketing activities don’t generate this kind of business.

A second big issue is simply lack of time “How can we offer additional services that Clients want and need without adding to our existing workload?”

That’s where we can help.

My Business Manager provides a range of services Clients will not only enter into long-term contracts and pay higher-value fees for, they will expect to do so as part of your business support services.

After all, which Client does not want help in growing their business, solving their cashflow problems and generating higher profit.

My Business Manager includes a powerful strategy for Marketing by Accountants that can generate long term contracts and predictable monthly fees for your practice.

How to Build Your Practice from Your Existing base in 6 Easy Steps

1. Send a letter to each Client you believe is a candidate, announcing that you can now provide a wide range of Business Development Services. Attach Part 1 of the Business Health Check.

2. Follow each letter with a personal call asking if they got the Business Health Check, and inviting them to complete it. (If you have a lot of Clients who qualify, send 10 per week so you can talk to each one personally. After all, this is the start of much closer relationships.)

3. Clients who let you know they have at least tried the Health check have self-qualified: they know they need additional services, and they are prepared to explore what you can offer. Invite each qualified Client to your office for a Business Health Review, where you will go over the Business Health Check and review the answers. You will also answer all of their questions and help them to identify directions and strategies.

4. At the session, demonstrate what you can do for their business and for their profitability.

5. Ask them to agree to take part in a 12 – 24 month Business Improvement Program with a standard monthly fee. Reassure them that they can terminate the program at any time if they are unhappy. Depending upon your own confidence, you can offer to “share in their gain” by identifying the potential growth in profitability and then agree on a share of those improvements (billed monthly in advance). This takes the focus from the fees onto the increased profits.

6. Follow up with those who did not respond -you can often get an additional 10% response rate simply by resending the original letter.

With My Business Manager, you will be able to add high value services like these for your small business clients:

 Dashboards and reports to help them manage their own businesses
 Explaining reports, what they mean and what they need to watch
 Hosting regular board meetings to review results and address highlighted issues
 Providing regular oversight with an Executive Overview service
 Providing a management review service with recommendations to address issues
 Providing business consolidations to show how combined entities are performing
 Helping with preparation of budgets based on past performance or future targets
 Helping to create a Business Plan which can be understood by all stake-holders
 Implementing a 12-month business improvement process with monthly / quarterly reviews
 Providing regular business mentoring on key issues

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