My Business Manager: One step at a time!

My Business Manager: One step at a time!

Almost every day, while I am driving to clients or to meetings, I see a man walking along a footpath.This man has obviously suffered a stroke, a very bad stroke. He drags one foot; his arm is bent; he takes very small steps. It’s obvious that he’s doing it tough. Yet I see him every day, walking a very long way, one step at a time.

He knows where he’s going and he has goals to achieve (perhaps his goal is just to reach his destination; perhaps it’s to improve his mobility; maybe it’s the overwhelming goal of recovering totally from the stroke).

I greatly admire this man, for trying and for achieving. He will get there.

My Business Manager is a lot like that.

A long, slow journey of single steps; steps propelled forward by the purpose of knowing where you’re going and why.

Think about your goals. List them down. Then prioritise them. Make them realistic and achievable in a reasonable time-frame.

Visualise the results and what they mean to you, and to your family and friends.

Write down a list of benefits or things you’ll be able to do once you’ve achieved your goals. Then keep this list handy. It’s what will motivate you and help you through the tough patches.

It’s important to identify the tasks you can do yourself, those you’ll need to delegate to staff, and those you’ll need to outsource to specialists. Be reasonable and don’t overburden yourself. If you don’t have the budget to outsource, offer to trade skills’how can you help them? Otherwise, look at other ways of doing the task or hire someone cheaper. You know you’ll have to manage them more but you can save a lot of money.

When you’ve achieved your goals, set the next ones, this time adding some stretch. You’ll notice that once you’ve achieved the first set of goals, the next ones are much easier because you now know the process.

It really is as simple as that! Take action today. Then, enjoy your achievements by celebrating the results.

Imagine where you can be!

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