My Business Manager Software: What Business are You Really In?

My Business Manager Software: What Business are You Really In?

Have you ever thought about your business from your customers’ viewpoint?

For example, you own and run a bakery. You believe your business is selling bread, cakes, pastries and pies. Of course people love bread, cakes, pastries and pies, so they’ll buy them. Right? Wrong.

Lots of bakeries go bust. Why? One of the reasons is because the owners have a simplistic product-focused view of their business. They don’t really understand what business they’re in.

You might be surprised to learn that your bakery (and every other business, big or small, for that matter) is in the business of selling SOLUTIONS. That is, your customers are buying from you because your products or services solve a problem or concern they have. A concern could be a mother’s desire to ensure her children eat the most nutritious sandwiches at lunchtime. A problem could be a Mum’s need to stick within a budget. Another concern could be the common belief that most nutritious bread tastes like cardboard.

Understanding these problems and concerns will enable you to immediately morph your bakery into one selling nutritious, tasty bread at a great price; a business much more appealing to a broader customer base. And hopefully, increased sales will follow. And my business manager software can help you in this.

Instead of uninspiring, product-driven signs like “Buy your bread here” or “Bread, Cakes, Pastries, Pies” (signs we all see every day), your “new” business could solve problems and concerns by promoting:

“Mum, we make the most nutritious bread for your kids’ sandwiches!”

“Make the world’s best sandwiches with the world’s best bread – ours!”

“Our bread is nutritious and tasty. Come in for a free tasting!”

Another example is the customer who’s interested in buying heavy equipment. Do you think they have a strong desire to own a piece of heavy equipment just for the sake of owning it? Of course not. The customer is probably not focused on the product at all. Their main problem is that their construction project is running behind schedule. The salesperson, if smart, will fix the problem.

So what business are you really in?

What problems and concerns do your customers need solving?

In the face of tougher competition, more demanding customers, shrinking margins and diminishing customer loyalty, if you don’t know or you’re just guessing like so many small business operators do, you have a problem.

Make your New Year business resolution to set out on a journey of customer discovery and, in the process, solve your own problem as well.

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