My Business Manager: The Cold Hard Reality

My Business Manager: The Cold Hard Reality

Every day I meet people whose small businesses are struggling; either the business is stalled or heading towards closure. I see the same facial expressions frustration, fear and inner turmoil. And I hear the same words – I don’t know what to do!

They’re like rabbits in the headlights, frozen with indecision. Do I jump off this road, or do I stay still and hope the looming disaster somehow misses me? Is this you?

According to my business manager, at some point, every small business owner faces daunting challenges that appear impossible to overcome. It’s how you respond during those times that determine whether you’re successful or not. A lack of decisiveness will put you and your business in a downward spiral, with your staff following close behind, losing their drive, focus and loyalty. The cold hard reality is that your future success hinges totally on your commitment to change. Instead of waiting for the market to improve, waiting for the inevitable point-of-no-return, MAKE A DECISION NOW TO COMMIT TO CHANGE!

You may not know yet how you’re going to accomplish your goals but start by choosing a path. Then doggedly hunt down the information and people you need to ensure your success down that path. Start networking; talk to other small business owners. Tap into the huge amount of free online resources, particularly from small business owners who’ve been through what you’re going through. You’re not alone and your problem is unlikely to be unique. If you can afford it, pay for specialist help. You need to be the change-maker. you need to commit to an end result, and follow through on it with a singleness of purpose.

Often that will mean, first, taking a long hard painful look at yourself because nothing can change on the outside without changes happening inside. What reasons or excuses have you been giving for not taking action? What changes do you need to make to get things moving again? Whatever it is, decide now and commit. As a small business owner myself, I know what it’s like to go through periods of indecision. But I’ve learned that if I want my future to be different, the cold hard reality is that it’s up to me and no-one else – to commit to the fearless pursuit of my business dreams.

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