My Business Manager Tips: Say Goodbye Nicely

My Business Manager Tips: Say Goodbye Nicely

I’ll bet one of the reasons you left that regular pay cheque to set up your own business was because you couldn’t stand working one more day with “those d..heads in the office”. So how’s it going? Found yourself with customers frustratingly the same? You know, just as some people are too hard to work with, some people are also just too hard to have as customers. They’re simply not worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Maybe it’s time for a review of your customer list by asking yourself the following questions from my business manager:

  • Did you make any profit from your dealings with this customer?
  • Are they constantly haggling over price?
  • Are they ridiculously slow to pay?
  • Does dealing with this customer cause high levels of stress to you or your staff?
  • Are they unreasonably demanding?
  • Do they communicate poorly?
  • Do they require everything in unreasonably short time frames?
  • Are you and your staff tied up so much with this customer that it leaves little time to devote to others?
  • Does this customer avoid committing to a long-term relationship with you?

Of course, not all questions will be relevant to your small business. And of course I understand that, in these hard times, it can be difficult to say goodbye to any customer. But – and this is important – if any customer is costing you more in energy, time and job satisfaction than the reward, it’s time to say goodbye – nicely.

Saying goodbye to some customers may be one of the smartest business moves you’ll make, freeing up time and energy for existing customers and for pursuing more rewarding ones. And it could make running your own business a much, much happier experience.

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