My Business Manager has formed a strategic partnership with iSplendid, an outstanding solutions developer based in Karachi, Pakistan.

iSplendid develop extensive and economical IT solutions and outsourcing options for their clients across the globe.

iSplendid is a team of experienced developers with A1 academic and technical credentials to develop rock-solid applications that more than satisfy user needs and provide us long-term client relationships.

Up-to-date technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, .NET, AngularJs, NodeJs, Cordova, Ionic, PHP, WordPress and Android, iPhone and Facebook application development expertise form a part of our powerful development team, allowing us to satisfy the web experience like never before.

iSplendid amalgamate proven software development methodologies and an integral understanding of intricate business processes to create a variegated range of high-quality services. Our solutions range from commercial-grade product design & development, custom application development, QA & testing services to consultancy in software architecture and high-end technical design. We go one step beyond, and offer you our outstanding after-sales support and maintenance services to ensure that your transition from solution deployment to regular operational commencement is seamless. Whether it is iPhone app or .net development, we at iSplendid ensure complete after-sales support.

Extensive collaboration with consulting companies and businesses in the U.S., UAE and Australia has helped iSplendid develop and possess cutting-edge technical and management expertise necessary for executing sophisticated offshore IT projects. Whether it is Ruby On Rails, Android or iPhone app development, we at iSplendid will deliver excellent solutions.

In addition to software engineering and development expertise, we also undertake comprehensive business analysis for a major proportion of the projects we execute.

We have excellent references and one of those is our long-term Client My Business Manager Pty. Ltd.

Please contact Ian McManus, CEO of My Business Manager by emailing