MYOB and My Business Manager provide a unique solution for Businesses and for their Advisors.

Businesses need an easy way of monitoring business performance and seeing trends. Is your accounting system giving you all the information to run your business ? If not, then you need My Business Manager

My Business Manager (MBM) is a management reporting and business planning system to compliment your existing accounting system. It monitors financial performance, enabling business analysis and “what-if” scenarios.

Benefits to you:

Continuous monitoring of your business financial results you with the reassurance that your business is on track. Simple, quick, operation – only a few minutes per month, instant results. The extensive range of reports will highlight any financial issues and provide explanations and possible actions to resolve them. Forecasting “what-if” scenarios enables finetuning of prices and profit margins.

Ways of running MBM:

  • Business Owners / Managers — run tm reports each month and, if problems are identified, ask your accountant or advisor for help.
  • Book-keepers — add these reports to your existing services. if problems are identified, you can discuss them with the client or send the reports to their accountant for advice.
  • Accountants and Advisors — MBM provides an easy, standardized process.

My Business Manager integrates and syncs with MYOB Account Right Live and MYOB Classic (desktop) accounting solutions.

Once linked, the accounting data is re-mapped and taken into the Cloud. Each night, our mid-night sync updates the data so it is always up to date.

If you make changes to MYOB and need to update the data, our “Instant Sync” takes care of it any time.

By monitoring the My Business Manager dashboards daily, you will always know that the business is “on track”.