Xero and My Business Manager provide a unique combination of solutions for Businesses and their Advisors.

Tell us about your app, who it’s for and why it’s good for business? *

My Business Manager is a complete, integrated, multi-function management solution that provides automated business monitoring, business reporting and a range of critical services.

Most business owners and managers can’t use the data from their accounting Systems to manage their businesses and are time poor. MBM converts this data to key information and automates a range of management processes.

Most Advisors (Accountants, Business Consultants, Business Coaches and Advanced Bookkeepers) don’t have the tools, skills or time to provide Business Advisory services to their Clients. MBM makes it easy and profitable by automating the complete process.

The MBM Financial Focus Dashboard displays the critical 1 6 KPls that indicate Performance, Cashflow, Health and Profitability and then provides comparisons to budget last year and last month plus trend-lines.

This is a unique, IOW cost solution that every Advisor and every Business Owner can afford.

How does your app work with Xero and the features that the integration provides? *

Integration with Xero is a simple, fast process.

From inside MBM. you open Xero and authorise access.

MBM syncs data With Xero and produces your first Dashboard within minutes. Then via •Auto Sync” and •Instant-sync• options, is always up-to-date.

MBM can then provide;

  • Graphical Dashboards
  • Beautiful management reports
  • KPls
  • Cashflow Management and Forecasts
  • Budgets and Forecasts
  • Consolidations
  • Business Health Checks
  • Business Plans
  • Classes, Departments and granular reporting

How can customers get started with the integration and/or sync with Xero? *

We always suggest our free 14-day trial as a great way of deciding My Business Manager is perfect for you.

When purchasing monthly licenses (no lock-in). we have generous cumulative volume breaks and meaningful discounts for annual payment.

Our 3D-day, unconditional money-back guarantee provides security and peace-of-mind.

If your business has a unique requirement or unique vertical market. we are interested in customising MBM for you.

Set up instructions URL:
Once registered, an automated email will be sent to you and a link to either our free trial or your purchased license. We also provide a •Get Started• User manual and embedded Wizards inside the app.

Cloud MBM

App name My Business Manager (MBM)
Sign up page URL https://www.mybusinessmanager.com
Does your app have a free trial available? Yes
Pricing “from $X” or “$X” from $10 depending upon volume
Currency of pricing US Dollar

Support & Contact

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 Developer name  My Business Manager Pty. Ltd.
 Email address associated with app (if any)  supportteam@mybusinessmanager.com
 Phone number associated with app (if any)  +61756411628
 Social media links related to app (if any)  https://www.facebook.com/mybusiness
Support with Xero integration URL’ https://www.mybusinessmanager.com

Integration details

Details Will on the featured

 Does integration support HQ, XPM, or Payroll?  None
 Marketplace regions related to the app  Global (all Of the above)
 Language  English