Price List

Manager eze

Special Offer

Any size Accounting Firm

Our offer for 2020
is your 1st Client / Business license

No license fee* for the first year.

Just order “Train-the-Trainer”

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Additional Client / Businesses

$45 per month.**

Each license includes

  • 1 x Master Accountant Portal (1st license only)
  • 1 x Client Portal
  • Ability to produce Monthly Reports and provide Partner commentary
  • Value adds include Consolidations and Exception reporting
  • Ability to generate substantial additional adjacency revenues from your Clients
  • Increased Business Advisory & HR Advisory consulting
  • Large volume Client engagement – P.O.A.


  • * One-off Train-the-Trainer $200 payable on
    the first installation only.
  • ** Paid yearly.


$200 (once-off)

  • Mandatory with first license only.
  • Includes implementation and installation of Business Manager eze.
  • Includes training in the solution resulting in your first set of management reports.