The Business Manager Report – Model of the Future

The Business Manager Report – Model of the Future

Users today want “data on demand” in formats that allow quick access and analysis to help make better decisions, and My Business Manager is uniquely positioned to provide it.

My Business Manager provides automated, accurate, no effort business manager reports for any business.

It takes time and expertise to trawl through the myriad reports that come out of tax-oriented accounting systems. Add to that copying the data into Excel spreadsheets, doing the necessary calculations and converting the data into a format business owners and managers can actually use to “manage” their businesses.

My Business Manager Report links to popular accounting systems, extracts the data, collects performance data from our secure website and then, without any intervention or effort, creates user-definable Business Snapshots and detailed reports that can be run weekly or monthly. This new real-time business reporting is vital to protect credit providers, investors and other interested parties.

Today, if you think about a traditional tax or audit report, it says, “Yes, the financial statements that are covered by our report, which took place, in many cases, 365 days ago, are materially correct.” This means that the business owner and manager is relying upon information that is after the fact. They do not know what happened yesterday or last week which, if known, might improve their decision.

Real-time reporting is a very positive step for protecting all business stakeholders and enhances the role the accounting profession plays in business management.

Key Business and Management Reports from My Business Manager

Executive Summary – Extract of key business issues
Dashboards – Your business at a glance.

  • Quickly see how the business is going
  • Identify problem areas easily and take targeted action
  • Customize dashboards to reflect individual business needs
  • Choose from a wide selection of reports and graphs (if you don’t see the one you want, just ask)
  • As many pages   as you want – your choice
  • Prepare different dashboards for different recipients (owner, sales manager, bank   manager)
  • Set choices as defaults – and produce them in less than 1 minute.
  • Comparisons of actual to actual, actual to budget (MTD, QTD, YTD)
  • Performance against Budget
  • Trends in Revenue, Costs, Profits and Margins
  • Traffic light reports – to locate and correct problem areas
  • Cashflow statements – to track where cash is used
  • KPIs – Balance Sheet drivers, Profitability, Liquidity, Investment/Equity/Capital
  • Profit & Loss – Top down or bottom up. provides both methods.
  • Balance Sheet – Integrated with the P&L budget to make it even easier.


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